M&M's Releases Cookies And "Screeem" Flavor For Halloween

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 24, 2017

There will be at least one new candy in trick-or-treaters' buckets this year, if they're lucky.

While their Oreo-inspired white chocolate center and dark chocolate outer coating sounds like the stuff of dreams, they also comes with a cool speckled design that reminds us a little bit of outer space.

M&M's new Cookies and Screeem flavor was just released. Though Halloween is two months away, Cookies and Screeem M&M's are already available on Target shelves.

Roy says the new candy will be available nationally on September 3 and cost $3.19.

Our fearless 'grammer then takes us on a mind-opening tour of M&M history in order to illustrate that the new flavor isn't exactly brand-new: "We've flirted with this concept before: Easter Sundae M&M's were white & milk, and Double Chocolate M&M's were milk & dark".

The new flavor joins the much-anticipated White Pumpkin Pie in M&M's fall flavor lineup.

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