Man Rushes Britney Spears' Stage In Las Vegas

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 11, 2017

Britney Spears was left terrified after a fan rushed the stage during her Las Vegas concert - and could even be heard telling security that she thought the man had a gun. The incident was caught on videos that circulated on social media. Fans booed the stage-rusher and applauded the efforts of Britney's team to diffuse the situation quickly.

Jason Blackhurst from Melbourne, Australia shared footage of the incident with and said, "When they moved him off the stage everybody started chanting 'Britney, Britney'". It is clear that Spears feared for her life as she was heard asking if Jesse Webb was in possession of a gun or not.

As the security men deal with the crazed fan, the town bodyguards decide not to take any risks and escort the star off stage.

The man, who has been named as 37-year-old Jesse Webb, wrestled to the floor by Spears' dancers while security staff surrounded the performer.

Britney then says through her mic "Is everything ok?"

According to TMZ, Webb was acting in a "disorderly manner" during the show and stormed the stage after being asked to leave. Webb was transported to the Clark County Detention Center.

Spears was not hurt, but showed concern on her face when she realized what was happening during the show.

Jesse Webb is now in police custody, and no further information about the case has been released.

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