Mel B's ex-nanny makes explosive claims in libel lawsuit

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 14, 2017

Mel B's former nanny has lifted the lid on her freakish relationship with the former Spice Girl and estranged husband Stephen Belafonte in an explosive legal document, claiming that she and Mel had sex "multiple times a week".

She also wrote that she never claimed to be pregnant with Stephen's child and she discovered she was pregnant after a one night stand.

Lorraine Gilles has dropped a sexually explosive 128 page dossier in Mel B's and Stephen Belafonte's sensational divorce.

Lorraine has hit back at Mel's claims.

"The only times Stephen and I had sex was when Melanie instructed Stephen and I to do so", she said.

Lorraine Gilles is suing Mel B for branding her a homewrecker, and says the star told her she and her husband had an open relationship. "Or when Melanie herself invited her husband to join us in the bedroom, at which point Melanie would often serve as the "camera man" and record the sexual encounter or take part in the menage a trois herself".

The married 26-year-old German babysitter says that the couple have footage of their threesomes on their mobiles and that she is scared they will be leaked online.

She wrote, "These recordings would be extremely embarrassing to me and my family..."

She added that she felt very uncomfortable having sex on camera and was anxious that the tapes would get out into the public.

When Mel B filed for divorce earlier this year, the former nanny had to fight a hate avalanche against her online after being branded a "home-wrecker".

Lorraine, who now works as a waitress, continues: "I have been actively trying to move past my time and relationship with Melanie". I felt comfortable approaching her because of our close relationship. "I immediately sought guidance from Melanie and spoke to her privately about the pregnancy". Instead, Melanie herself assisted me with arranging a medical appointment, advanced the cash for the procedure, and booked a hotel for me to stay in to recover. I simply wish that she shows me the same respect I've shown her over the past seven years.

"I have received countless messages, threats and insults from random persons all over the world, shaming and degrading me based on the false image of me created by Melanie".

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