Musk Confirms Tesla Model 3 Has 50 kWh And 75 kWh Batteries

Xavier Trudeau
Août 13, 2017

Tesla raised $1.8 billion, $300 million more than expected, in its first high-yield junk bond offering Friday.

The carmaker's Model 3 sedan has racked up nearly 500,000 reservations. "Let me just say 'yum, yum, '" he began his description.

The company expects the Model 3 to quickly reach positive gross margins as they reach volume production in late 2017 or early 2018, but they stay vague when it comes to guidance about being profitable.

Musk hopes to accelerate production cycle time through a combination of plant automation and by designing vehicles for simpler construction - such as the Model 3 and the Model Y.

They used a longest-range Tesla Model S 100D and consumed as little energy as possible by using autopilot to maintain a constant speed, fitting low rolling-resistance tyres, turning off the airconditioning and trying not to use the brakes. That represents a massive increase over Tesla's current production rate-and it may aggravate tensions with workers, according to the The Daily Beast.

As a luxury vehicle, the Model S also has a few more perks than the Model 3. The curb weight on the Model S is ~4,600 - 4,750 pounds for the 85kWh variants and rises to 4,960 pounds for the P100D with its larger battery. The Model X was a variation on a luxury vehicle theme, but nobody thought the company's fate was riding on the vehicle's success.

It has big plans for its Gigafactory. The company is moving too fast in this category; last February, it already had installed 5,000 superchargers in more than 800 supercharger stations worldwide. In order to achieve this, Tesla will be partnering with hotels, restaurants and parking garages in installing individual charging ports. These mega-factories of batteries should help Tesla in its conquest of the title of world number one of the auto manufacturers.

However, Musk conceded that the biography overall was not entirely flawed, calling it "mostly correct", but saying that the story was "rife with errors and never independently fact-checked" despite his request for that.

The electric auto maker revolves around constant iteration, but it also has to meet the expectations of customers who bought expensive add-ons assuming they'd eventually get full self-driving features.

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