New Nissan Leaf leaks: Mainstream style prompts controversy

Claudine Rigal
Août 7, 2017

If Nissan are honest, the LEAF EV has never set vehicle sales alight in quite the way they expected, although it is the world's best-selling electric auto.

Nissan may be playing it safe with the new Nissan Leaf EV, opting for uncontroversial styling as it continues to target the mass market with electric cars. The new Leaf is an important vehicle for Nissan as the company seeks to regain its position in the electric auto market that has come under increasing pressure from the likes of Chevrolet and Tesla. While it's common to see leaked image of upcoming vehicles, it's not that common to see images being leaked from the factories where they're built. However, a leak showing what's purported to be the new Leaf has prompted arguments among EV fans.

The Nissan Leaf was actually the best-selling electric auto in the United States back in 2014. When faced with strong crosswinds, Nissan added that the Leaf will have new technologies that will keep it stable on the road. Since then, it has dropped behind the Tesla Model S, Model X, and the Chevy Bolt.

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