No glasses for the eclipse? Here's what you can do

Alain Brian
Août 21, 2017

Prolonged ultraviolet ray exposure from the sun can damage the macula, which is why experts like Foxman and solar eclipse scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration stress the importance of wearing special-purpose solar filters.

For those that want the total eclipse experience for the longest amount of time, you'll need to journey to the town of Carbondale, Illinois, where the sun will be fully shrouded for two minutes and 40 seconds.

To view the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21 eye protection is essential. In Southern Arizona, the sun will be roughly 60 percent covered up.

The solar eclipse will have a lot of people looking at the sky on August 21st, so you must protect your eyes. Even if it's cloudy. It'll be the first to span the almost a century, and people are already going insane, ordering eclipse glasses en masse, traveling to the best viewing spots and throwing all-day parties.

It's also important to watch your children closely if they are wearing eclipse glasses. There's something about the light that's a bit surreal: dimmed as if by a sunset, but without the orange cast and coming from overhead. It will be held from 12 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. Parks, libraries, schools, hotels, restaurants and places like the Fernbank Museum, Tellus Science Museum and Atlanta Botanical Gardens are hosting "Eclipse Watch" events. With all the buzz surrounding this celestial event, AAA East Central cautions those seeking an ideal location to view the eclipse to be mindful of traffic congestion and distracted driving. "Now I'm in frame and you can see the bright white dot".

With Lafayette Parish School System focusing on hands-on experiences for their science curriculum, teachers say this is a ideal way to get them involved.

After the event, transportation planners anticipate a "mass exodus" from total eclipse regions. As for myself, I'm torn.

"I think it's pretty awesome since the last one happened before I was born", said Michelle Bailey, 31.

To see how much of the Sun will be obscured in your area, NASA has a helpful Web page.

The path of the totality, when the moon completely covers up the sun, will only be seen across parts of 14 states. You have to place a special filter over the lens before the partial eclipse begins. In Atlanta you will see about 95 to 97% of the solar eclipse. One must not take off the filter while looking at the sun.

Safety precautions are also necessary if you are hoping to photograph the eclipse with your cellphone or camera.

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