No to The Better Care Reconciliation Act

Claudine Rigal
Août 4, 2017

"The Better Care Reconciliation Act" is a cruel proposal. The CBO estimates the pending bill will eventually transfer around $1 trillion out of the existing health care system to cover tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.

"Clearly, everyone recognizes the ACA is not a flawless bill", Bush said after the forum at the Great Lakes Bay Health Center.

Now, as the labor movement fights to successfully defend the Affordable Care Act from Republican efforts to dismantle it, the AFL-CIO has for the first time announced that its "core goal" is to enact a single-payer system. The GOP is now at a crossroads with some members advocating for strategies that will fast track collapse of the ACA and others urging for actions to strengthen the individual insurance marketplace. Ending the uncertainty around the payments due insurers will help. The more insurers who participate, the more competition will lower premiums. States may also begin to increase requests for five year "innovation waivers" of certain ACA requirements pursuant to Section 1332 of the ACA. These waivers are meant to give states more flexibility to pursue innovative strategies to provide their respective populations with access to health insurance that is high quality and affordable.

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