Penalty acceptances not in the Cards

Claudine Rigal
Août 13, 2017

The University of Louisville has made the contents of its 68-page appeal to the NCAA public after an open records request.

U of L says the NCAA unjustly punished the university and its basketball players for the sex scandal involving Andre McGee and Katina Powell.

This appeal comes almost two months after the NCAA Committee on Infractions made its official ruling against Louisville, which said the men's basketball program must vacate 123 wins, the 2012 Final Four appearance and the 2013 national championship.

The University of Louisville began its appeal to the NCAA's penalties for its men's basketball program by agreeing that the violations were "reprehensible and inexcusable" and added that "the university is deeply embarrassed and apologizes to all these young men and the entire community for these events".

Among the wins in question would be the Cardinals' 2012 Final Four run and the 2013 national championship.

In June, the COI ruled that head men's basketball coach Rick Pitino violated NCAA head coach responsibility rules when he did not monitor McGee.

If Louisville's penalties are upheld, the school noted that it would mark the first time a Division I men's basketball title would be vacated.

"Imposing those penalties here would be grossly disproportionate to the conduct alleged to have rendered the student-athletes ineligible". The Hall of Fame coach called the NCAA penalties "unjust and over the top in its severity" when they were announced on June 15. "This ruling is also unfair to Coach Pitino, who we believe could not have known about the illicit activities".

Louisville's appeal also said the COI imposed "a more draconian set of penalties" than warranted and said it ignored corrective measures.

"Furthermore", the appeal goes on, "not one student who later competed in 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons engaged in a sex act".

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