Public Libraries Giving Away Solar Eclipse Glasses

Alain Brian
Août 13, 2017

Although we won't see a flawless alignment in the United Kingdom, we will be able to see a partial eclipse (where the Moon covers only a part of the Sun). This is when the moon will briefly block out the sun completely.

The total solar eclipse is expected to bring as many as 1 million visitors to OR and has been a boon to businesses cashing in on the influx of tourists.

The AAS and NASA have also published a list of legitimate companies making certifiably-safe eclipse glasses. Looking directly at the eclipse at any moment except the brief period when the moon has fully eclipsed the sun without certified glasses could damage your eyes. McGlaun has a webpage dedicated to the event here

In addition to its preparation event, the Fort Wayne Astronomical Society also will help people experience the solar eclipse by having members out from noon to 3 p.m. August 21 in the plaza outside the main library, a group news release said.

With a week left until Oregon's anticipated total solar eclipse, Amazon has issued a recall for some eclipse glasses the retail giant says might not have come from a recommended manufacturer. The device will have a webcam and a solar filter fitted to it, which will enable streaming directly on the official YouTube channel of Space India and will also be available on the organisation's website.

Where can real eclipse glasses be purchased?

Wal-Mart and a few other stores may be selling eclipse glasses in areas close to totality but they may have sold out already, and I haven't seen any locally, so that may not stretch as far north as Pennsylvania.

Always supervise children using solar filters.

Top photographers will use powerful cameras fitted to telescopes to get the best shots, attaching sun filters so as not to ruin their camera (or their eyes) when preparing the shot.

If you normally wear eyeglasses, put the eclipse-viewing glasses over them or hold the hand-held solar viewer in front of them.

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