Ram 3500 Cranks its Cummins up to 930 lb-ft

Alain Brian
Août 11, 2017

The 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty will be the most talked about truck on the market in 2018. The upgraded hitch lets the Ram 3500 haul the heaviest trailers in the industry, allowing customers to move away from Class 4 and Class 5 trucks for heavy fifth-wheel hauling. Next year's truck equipped with the Cummins-sourced diesel engine will be available with a massive 930 lb-ft of torque-a gain of 30 lb-ft over the torquiest 2017 Ram 3500HD.

Cummins has massaged its 6.7-liter I6 diesel to produce 30 lb-ft more than before and officially make it the class leader in torque (that's 155 lb-ft per cylinder, by the way).

Out back, the Ram 3500 also will feature a new hitch design. The higher torque was achieved through a variable geometry turbo and flow rate increases through the fuel delivery system, according to Ram.

2018 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty
2018 Ram 3500 Boasts 930 Lb-Ft Of Torque, 31120-Lb Fifth-Wheel Towing Capacity

"We understand the attributes most important to our customers within the heavy-duty segment; they demand hard-working, long-lasting capability", said Mike Manley, head of Jeep and Ram Brand. Although Ram isn't ready to release horsepower figures for its diesel variant, we expect similar output to the 385-hp unit that now sits at the top of the 2017 Ram 3500HD's diesel totem pole. Just think of all the things you can pull now thanks to that extra 5 lb-ft of torque.

Another place where the Ram takes the cake is fifth-wheel towing, with a maximum of 30,000 pounds there. If that's not enough towing capacity for you, the 3500 is also rated to haul 31,210 pounds with a gooseneck hitch. Having the ability to tow a heavier trailer will resonate well with diesel enthusiasts who truly use their truck.

2018 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks will be available in dealerships in August. As expected, these trucks look great and perform better.

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