Submarine owner suspected of murder faces custody hearing

Claudine Rigal
Août 12, 2017

He has denied responsibility for the fate of 30-year-old Kim Wall, saying she had disembarked before his vessel went down.

Prosecutor Louise Pedersen said Madsen faces the preliminary manslaughter charge "for having killed in an unknown way and in an unknown place Kim Isabell Frerika Wall of Sweden sometime after Thursday 5 p.m".

A Danish inventor and owner of a huge DIY submarine has been accused of manslaughter after the disappearance of a female journalist who had been on board before it sank, police said yesterday.

FILE - This is a April 30 2008 file photo of submarine owner Peter Madsenstands inside the vessel.

Copenhagen police said the man denied killing the missing woman and reported dropping her off on a redeveloped island in Copenhagen's harbour about 3 hours into their night trip.

A salvage vessel, the Vina, on Saturday raised the submarine, which was seven meters (23 feet) under water off Copenhagen's south island of Dragoer.

Madsen "told us he had technical problems" to explain why the submarine had failed to respond to radio contact, Mr Damgaard said. The submarine, UC3 Nautilus, is one of three constructed by Madsen.

The woman's boyfriend alerted authorities that the submarine was missing early on Friday.

Peter Madsen was arrested Friday on preliminary manslaughter charges after his 40-ton, almost 18-meter-long (60-foot-long) submarine sank off Denmark's eastern coast.

The authorities have not yet been able to access the vessel, known as the Nautilus, which lies on the seabed in Koge Bay, south of Copenhagen.

Madsen says he dropped her off before the sinking.

"A radio contact was established for the boat, which, according to the owner, was heading towards the harbor", the police statement said. "But I guess that was pretty good, because I otherwise still would have been down there". But 30 minutes later "the submarine suddenly sank and the owner was subsequently rescued on a private motorboat sailing him in port".

"Whether the woman was on board the submarine at the time of her disappearance is unclear", Danish police said without naming her.

"I am fine, but sad because Nautilus went down", Madsen told Denmark's TV2 channel.

However, Swedish police said later on Friday they were investigating the whereabouts of a missing woman who had been on the submarine at some point.

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