Team Liquid Wins Dota 2's $24 Million The International Tournament

Alain Brian
Août 13, 2017

Who will hoist the Aegis of Champions next?

The International is the most exciting time of year for Dota 2 fans - a ten day-long odyssey that tests the strength of the game's greatest players and squads that comes in early August each year. Formerly, Liquid's Dota squad was American, but this European one took the crown in a more volatile and profitable environment.

Team Liquid are the victors of The International 7, a Dota 2 tournament with over $US24 million in prize pool.

Newbee originally entered the tournament as one of the Chinese favorites to win, given its consistent, strong presence throughout the competitive season. LFY specifically went undefeated until the last day, though at that point they had already secured the top Upper Bracket slot for the main event.

The victor of the Lower Bracket Finals will face Newbee. Newbee will be taking home US$3.9mil (RM16.7mil).

Other Malaysians - veteran "Ohaiyo" Khoo Chong Xin and newcomer "Ahjit" Lai Jay Son both from Fnatic crashed out in the group stages while "MidOne" Zheng Yeik Nai of Team Secret was eliminated by Team Liquid in the lower bracket match early on. And the result of that match was 2-1 in a best of 3 rounds. After yesterday I think Liquid are on a huge upswing, if they can take game one I'm confidant they can with this series.

Above: The final moments of the Grand Finals. The victor moves on to face Newbee in the Grand Final.

The final boss of TI7 is waiting for Liquid. Liquid came out swinging in game one, taking all of Newbee's outer towers before 20 minutes and forcing a GG shortly after. But the most impressive-and game winning-was one final Juggernaut slash by Miracle-, superpowered by a Double Damage rune that helped to wipe out the entirety of Newbee. Riding that momentum, Liquid took the next two games decisively, albeit in ways that called into question the team's ability to take on the formidable Newbee lineup. This proved a somewhat redemptive arc for the team, after a series of lower-than-expected results over the history of The International and an early exit past year.

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