Terry McAuliffe attends a church after the tragedy in Charlottesville

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 17, 2017

Terry McAuliffe decried the supporters of white nationalism who descended upon Charlottesville during a press conference Saturday, after protests there left one dead and more than 30 injured in clashes earlier in the day. That was the place that it should've been. He first talks about how they were sued by the ACLU. The judge ruled against us.

Video of the incident shows a auto speeding down a narrow street filled with protesters before slamming into protesters and sending them ariborne, ultimately stopping only when it hit a line of cars. "That rally should not have been in the middle of downtown". The governor stated, "The lesson I learned is we've got to do a better job of working with the judiciary; they need to listen to the local city officials about where these permits are allowed...our job's to protect...and the judiciary needs to do a better job of working with us".

White nationalists were protesting the looming removal of a Robert E. Lee monument from Emancipation Park. "This language, this rhetoric, this hatred has got to stop".

"It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protesters and counter-protesters".

"I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protesters and counter-protesters on the street were contributing to the potential of violence", said Gastanaga. They did not respond.

Two points on this. Additionally, a Virginia State Police helicopter that was assisting law enforcement during the rally crashed, killing two troopers inside.

The already-violent protests turned deadly when a vehicle plowed into a sea of counter-protesters Saturday. And to be fair, moving the protest out of the center of town might not have prevented it either. "David, I've never seen so many weapons".

Then the tear gas and pepper spray started. "Finally, I commend our Virginia State Police and National Guard personnel, who worked in support of the City of Charlottesville, for their tireless work this weekend under very challenging and volatile circumstances". Jason Kessler, the organiser of the rally, claimed police "exacerbated the violence" and were "underequipped for the situation" in a statement.

Governor McAuliffe has commended police actions around the armed protesters and called-out the ACLU in this NPR interview.

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