Trump warns North Korea against attacking Guam

Claudine Rigal
Août 13, 2017

Guam has fired off an Imminent Missile Threat fact sheet in response to the apocalyptic threat from North Korea.

Residents of Guam have been issued with advice on what to do if North Korea launches an attack.

U.S. president Donald Trump assured Mr Calvo that Guam was safe, during a phone call.

Guam residents should take cover from a North Korean missile attack quickly, in a concrete structure, preferably underground - and stay there until told otherwise, a survival guide advises.

If caught outside, it is critical to not look at the flash or fireball, which can cause a loss of eyesight, and take cover "behind anything that might offer protection". But if the missiles aren't expected to hit the island - the stated goal is to have them hit waters well offshore - should it?

It also highlights steps for determining what shelters are "safe" - and for removing radioactive material that may accumulate on people's clothes, skin and hair.

To prevent radioactive material from spreading, people should remove their outer clothing, seal it in a plastic bag and get as far away as possible, the fact sheet says. Staff at several hotels and resorts said they knew guidelines had been issued but already had procedures in place for emergencies. Instead, parents must wait for instructions to pick up their children from school, as every school has "emergency cards that identify who can pick up your child". But officials in Guam, the tiny island territory that Kim Jong Un has threatened to attack, aren't keeping citizens in the dark. "Remember that radiation can not be seen, smelled or otherwise detected by human senses", the document concludes.

Japan plans to deploy surface-to-air missiles at four sites to shoot down North Korean missiles that stray into Japanese territory from their intended target of waters around Guam.

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