U.S. says North Korea must stop 'provocative behaviour'

Claudine Rigal
Août 13, 2017

He also said China, Pyongyang's main diplomatic ally, could "do a lot more" to pressure Kim to end his country's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

US President Donald Trump has warned the North Korean regime to "get their act together" or face extraordinary trouble, suggesting he had been too mild when he vowed to unleash "fire and fury" on North Korea if it continued to threaten the US.

Both leaders said they were looking forward to Trump making a state visit to China this year.

President Xi called on "relevant parties" to exercise restraint and avoid words and actions that would exacerbate tension, state TV reported, adding that it was in the interests of both China and the USA to pursue the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Residents of Guam have been issued with advice on what to do if North Korea launches an attack.

Please Wait while comments are loading. Beijing has expressed frustration with both Pyongyang's repeated nuclear and missile tests and with behavior from South Korea and the USA, such as military drills, that it sees as increasing tensions.

Trump issued another stern warning to Kim Jong Un, saying the North Korean leader would "truly regret" aggression against the USA or its allies.

Tensions have risen since North Korea tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles in July.

The PAC-3, with a range of 20 kilometers, will not be launched if the North Korean missiles fly normally.

North Korea has threatened to attack the U.S. territory of Guam and announced on Saturday that 3.5m people had signed up to join the army over the past week.

But the president's rhetoric appeared to have little effect, with North Korean state media quoting Kim as calling Trump "bereft of reason" and talking a "load of nonsense".

"Australia will come to the aid of the U.S. just as if there was an attack on Australia, the United States would come to our aid".

"Two U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers, under the command of U.S. Pacific Air Forces, joined their counterparts from the Republic of Korea and Japanese air forces in sequenced bilateral missions, August 7", the release read.

Koji Tsuruoka, the Japanese ambassador to the United Kingdom, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "If there is any provocation, it all comes from North Korea".

So far, the language has only met with increasingly charged language from Pyongyang, which has threatened to attack Guam, the American territory in the Pacific that is home to a large military base. He added saying China is ready to pay the price, however, the aim of such sanctions should be to bring North Korea to the negotiating table. "He does something in Guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody's seen before, what will happen in North Korea", Trump told reporters in New Jersey, without offering specifics.

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