US Judge Sets $30000 Bail for UK Hacker Who Helped Stop WannaCry

Xavier Trudeau
Août 7, 2017

The 23-year-old from Ilfracombe, Devon, is facing six charges of creating and distributing the infamous Trojan, and was arrested just before boarding a plane back from Las Vegas, where he had attended the Black Hat and Def Con hacking conferences.

The hacker became famous earlier this year when he thwarted the Wannacry ransomware by buying a domain that the ransomware was communicating with.

Hutchins allegedly advertised, distributed and profited from malware code known as "Kronos" between July 2014 and 2015, according to the indictment.

A federal magistrate judge in Nevada set Hutchins' bail on Friday at $30,000, and said he could be released Monday.

Following an arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last week Marcus "MalwareTech" Hutchins has appeared in a Las Vegas courthouse and pleaded not guilty to charges accusing him of creating the Kronos banking malware.

"We intend to fight the case", Lobo said on Facebook Live to local reporter Christy Wilcox, at the court house. "He has tremendous community support, local and overseas and in the computer world".

When Hutchins is released on bail he will be unable to access the internet or make contact with his co-defendant who is unnamed at this time. While the move did stop the malware it thrust an unwilling Hutchins into the limelight.

Cowhig said records between the two men show Hutchins complaining about the money he received from the sale of Kronos, which was used to steal online banking login credentials and credit card information.

"I can confirm @MalwareTechBlog was detained yesterday and FBI/U.S. Marshalls won't tell me where he is", Andrew Mabbitt, a cyber security company founder and Hutchins' friend, tweeted on August 3, saying that he does not believe the charges against Hutchins.

He won acclaim after helping in May to curb the spread of WannaCry ransomware during an attack that crippled thousands of computers worldwide.

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