USA Today teams with Instagram to livestream the solar eclipse

Alain Brian
Août 20, 2017

Phase three is refereed as the Baily's Beads where only low lying valleys on the moon's edge will allow shimmering light to pass through, leading to the complete solar eclipse in phase four, which lasts for under a minute in some of the locations.

"Anywhere along the path of totality is a good place to watch the eclipse, but not all places are equal", he said.

In short, a solar eclipse still has the potential to petrify or excite us in equal measure, as it has been doing during the passage of time. However, the rotation of the Earth affects this as well.

"This is because Grand Rapids lies too far away from the points where there is ideal alignment between the Sun and Moon", Smolinski said. A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon blocks out the Sun's rays entirely and forms a halo of light around the Moon, called a corona.

The N.C. Highway Patrol warns residents to expect traffic issues on Monday, especially in areas where the total eclipse can be viewed, such as Western North Carolina and SC. It plans livestreaming of the eclipse beginning at 1 p.m. EDT with images from satellites, research aircraft, high-altitude balloons and specially modified telescopes. Although, the Moon passes through the gap between the Sun and the Earth on regular basis, it does not always lead to solar eclipses, as the ideal alignment is rare, as the heavenly bodies do not move in a single plane. It will damage the camera, and your eyes trying to look at it. However, Stamilio-Ehret warns there will not be a safe time to view the eclipse from the Twin Counties unless eyes are properly protected. The distractors of President Trump, for instance, may be hoping for the collapse of his administration, now that Steve Bannon, the chief strategist has been forced to leave the West Wing of the White House and monuments that stood for centuries started coming down unceremoniously across the country - just before the Great American Eclipse. They're smart enough to never look at the sun anyway! While this might be better than ruining one's vision, it's still not desirable. The 12 million people who live there can view the eclipse at its fullest merely by walking outside and looking up, weather permitting.

Or notice the leaves around you if you're near a tree.

Officials say planning has been much simpler because they know the exact time frame of the event.

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