Uttar Pradesh govt, BJP to run Swachhta campaign

Claudine Rigal
Août 17, 2017

Over 60 children have reportedly died at BRD Medical College Hospital since August 7, many allegedly for want of oxygen whose supply was disrupted after bills were not paid to the vendor.

The panel has called for a full-scale investigation and pointed out mismanagement at the hands of two senior doctors.

He said that on April 5, Pushpa Sales - the company which supplied liquid oxygen to the hospital - wrote to the Principal regarding non-payment of dues and its inability to supply the oxygen if the dues were not cleared. "There should be no shortage of oxygen in the institute, and adequate stock of oxygen must be maintained", Jain said.

They instead blamed numerous deaths on encephalitis and unspecified issues related to delivery of the infants. Thirty of the deaths were recorded between Thursday and Friday alone, the hospital said.

Dr Satish Kumar of the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh has been found primarily responsible for the disruption of oxygen as a result of which over 30 children died last week. According to officials cited by the Washington Post, at least 21 of the deaths were linked directly back to the oxygen shortage. "The Gorakhpur incident smacks of a conspiracy; the role of Dr Kafeel Khan needs to be probed", said UP's BJP spokesman Anupam Alok.

The IMA has appointed a team of three members to inquire into the death of almost 70 children. The rash of deaths, which the Independent reports began last Monday, has led to the suspension of the head of the hospital in Uttar Pradesh state, and it's also spurred a string of questions and finger-pointing.

The DM's report has charged the medical college's principal, doctors, paramedical staff and clerks of the BRD Medical College with criminal negligence.

The state's health minister and hospital officials claimed that the deaths were not caused by the unpaid bill. Who is responsible? Hospital or Suppliers? "At present almost 75 encephalitis patients are undergoing treatment in the hospital", he said.

"If there is any pending payment, which is yet to be made to any gas supplier, then it should be done immediately".

Dr Khan told The Times of India, "It's a smear campaign against me".

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