Vacationers Forced to Jump Toyota RAV4 Over Drawbridge to Prevent Tragedy

Claudine Rigal
Août 18, 2017

A New Jersey family's trip to the beach briefly turned into that scene from Blues Brothers, when the drawbridge they were driving on began to rise, leaving the driver no choice but to slam on the gas and jump the damn thing.

After paying the toll August 1, Naphys, 51, continued to drive his 2016 Toyota RAV 4 with three family members inside over the steel grate at the top of the bridge, the Lower Township police accident report said.

Naphys had just finished paying the toll and was headed over the drawbridge when it started to open due to a large passing vessel, according to the New Jersey State Police.

Terrence said he thinks if he hadn't jumped across the rising bridge, his family could have been seriously hurt. "So I jumped on the gas and flew over it and landed on the concrete on the other side".

"I'm thankful we're still here because I think if we went in the water or stayed on the bridge we wouldn't still be here, or we'd be seriously, seriously injured", he told the outlet.

Lower Township Police spoke with the bridge operator and he informed them the large fishing vessel crossing under the bridge had radio issues and he had glare in his eyes while operating the bridge.

Everyone in the car-Terence, his wife, his daughter and his daughter's friend-were uninjured.

According to troopers, a bridge employee in control of operating the steel grate may not have seen the Naphys family's vehicle going over the bridge due to sun glare.

Police said their initial investigation revealed the incident was caused by operator error on behalf of the bridge tender.

"I will never ever drive that bridge or probably any drawbridge again", he said.

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