Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes

Alain Brian
Août 13, 2017

The International 2017 Dota 2 tournament came to an end with a bang. Valve's Artifact is a digital trading card game much like the Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone.

The fairy-who holds a lantern with a menacing, flying creature inside-seems to match the description of an upcoming hero uncovered in game files from an update from May, called Sylph. Much of Dota 2's cast is based off of characters from the first game. According to global 2017 host Sean "Day9" Plott, "anything you see in Dota" it's in Valve's Artifact. Long-time fans of "Dota 2" may remember that the game's development was highly influenced by a very popular custom-made map for the game "Warcraft 3" called "Defense of the Ancients", where the "Dota" name comes from. The heroes will also be able to use abilities and can move between lanes. "Artifact" would have the advantage of a source material with a huge fanbase, as well as a different gameplay that may prove popular to those who do not play "Dota 2". Furthermore, some cards can have persistent effects on the lanes too. In the video you can see him hopping and jumping around on hills, dancing skillfully around his enemies and finishing them off them with quick swipes of his blade. Save for the title of the game and year of release, the teaser failed to provide any other vital details.

What do you think of how Artifact sounds now that we know a little more about it?

Valve has not announced for which platforms Valve's Artifact will be launching for but, we are pretty much certain it will come to PC. But with Valve's plans to make Steam run on mobile, the game making its way to smartphones and tablets is definitely a possibility. For more coverage on the game keep checking back at SegmentNext.

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