What to do with eclipse glasses now that it's over

Alain Brian
Août 22, 2017

While trying to find the appropriate and safe glasses to wear during the solar eclipse nearly seemed impossible, an organization said do not throw them away.

The solar eclipse of the century is over.

With such a rare event taking place on Monday, many of us rushed out to buy a pair of those special solar glasses, which make it safe to view the sun during an eclipse.

People all over the nation searched far and wide for eclipse glasses after libraries and stores began to run out.

One option, according to NASA, is to preserve them for the next eclipse.

The organization uses astronomy programs to connect other peopel across borders based on a love of the sky. In 2024, the United States will once again see a total solar eclipse.

Also, Astronomers Without Borders is planning a program to collect glasses for distribution to other countries for future eclipses. But if their glasses are not compliant with NASA's standards, it may be too late: Some lenses expire after three years, so be sure to check expiration dates.

The plan has not been released yet, but should be announced shortly.

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