Why The New Day's Recent Tag Team Title Reign Was So Short

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 25, 2017

While they are only three-time tag team champions at this time, WWE wants them to also have the most reigns at the top as the WWE tag champs, according to Meltzer. But it seems like it's all part of a much larger plan and just another step towards being an all-time great tag team. Just let New Day be great on their own (which they are) and stop trying to rewrite history all the time. Earlier this summer New Day made their debut on WWE SmackDown Live, and they wasted no time going after The Usos and the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. It's hard to believe that THe new Day will stay intact from here until the end of time, however, maybe this is what WWE wants.

The whole world was shocked that they lost their titles so soon, having just won it from The Usos at Battleground 2017. And if this report is true, then the New Day will be celebrating their 4th tag-team championships. Meltzer said that WWE's backstage officials are serious about having New Day tie or break the historic number of reigns now held by two other teams: The Hardy Boyz and the team of Edge and Christian. New Day now holds the record for longest tag team reign in the history of WWE at 483 days. One has to wonder if they will appear on the red or blue brand when they finally do. If the New Day wins back their championship, they inch ever closer to their goal. As long as they have a popular superstar or group of superstars who have merchandise flying off the shelves, there's no reason to break that up or keep it down.

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