Hillary's Media Criticisms Are a Perfect Snapshot of Why She Lost

Claudine Rigal
Septembre 17, 2017

Mrs Clinton's book will rile her critics even more. All were marked "Verified Purchase" - indicating the reviewer had purchased the book on Amazon. "Now there is a separate question on what Donald Trump means". But the emphasis of one or the other is not without consequence. "When these triggers are activated, we suppress all non-Amazon Verified Purchase (AVP) reviews on the product". Mr Sanders is among them; Mrs Clinton accuses him, among other dirty tricks, of portraying her as a "corrupt corporatist who couldn't be trusted...paving the way for Trump's "Crooked Hillary" campaign". There is also the fact that her various excuses kept being proven wrong.

Something very strange is going on in post-mortems about the 2016 election. The results were devastating. Maybe Mrs. Clinton can find closure to her loss and become a winner by donating some of the proceeds to hurricane victims. "Michael McFaul, who served as the top Russian official in Obama's national security council, told Politico last year, "[Putin] was very upset [with Clinton] and continued to be for the rest of the time that I was in government".

"It's not just about the past". She walks across the room. But it broke no law, caused no security breach and, while frowned upon, was not especially unusual at the State Department. But when Clinton mentions the Russians, she's accused of shuffling responsibility away from herself.

"It doesn't help for the president on Twitter to insult South Korea". And if they're not, they need to be speaking out or leaving.

Trump denied at a rally shortly after the debate that he tried to stalk Clinton during the debate. And Mrs Clinton's account is sufficiently self-serving to be open to that charge. For months, we all heard about how former First Lady Hillary Clinton was going to run away with the election, and Democrats were set up for a big election day. But Story only reminds of Mozart.

Earlier this week, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made a stop at New York University to promote her new memoir, What Happened.

But there is a problem with that: Mrs Clinton's analysis is basically sound. "At the end of the day, I think Comey cost me the election", she said, before adding that Republicans who were seeking tax cuts and conservative supreme court seats as responsible parties were responsible, too.

Disney-owned ESPN did not elaborate on any possible punishment for Hill, and she was on "SportsCenter" as usual on Tuesday and Wednesday. There is also little reason to think a more populist message would have helped her there.

So let's put those in the background, as atmospheric elements that conditioned virtually everything that happened - including the daily drumbeat of media mantras: "untrustworthy Hillary", "unpopular Hillary", "evasive Hillary", Hillary who couldn't command the crowds of a Sanders or a Trump, who didn't know how to "reach people".

In this election, policies, messaging and campaign effectiveness hardly seemed to matter.

The year saw a great deal of previously unseen phenomena - overtly racist and sexist bullying, Russian hacking and the presidency handed off to a man who has boasted about sexual assault on hot mic, and mocked the disabled as well as prisoners of war. Wonk that she is ("If you're unconvinced that friends are worth it, consider the data", she writes), that is a surpassing humiliation. She made the argument that he "dragged it out", due to a reluctance to drop out of the democratic primary until much later than Clinton believes was necessary to unite the party.

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