What Trump's DACA repeal could mean for real estate

Evrard Martin
Septembre 7, 2017

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" saw Noah ripping into Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was tasked with giving the announcement on DACA Tuesday morning.

"Now, after months of anxiety and fear about their futures, these brave young people face deportation".

"The consequence of the president's animus-driven decision is that approximately 800,000 persons who have availed themselves of the program will ultimately lose its protections" and be exposed to deportation, the lawsuit says. It makes little sense to throw out people who didn't choose to come here, legally or not, who have few or no ties to the country of their birth, and who have been educated here at the taxpayers' expense.

Ending the program will cost the state millions. On Facebook Tuesday, Obama's DACA statement condemned the decision to end the program, calling it "wrong", "self-defeating", and "cruel". The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will cease processing applications for DACA.

At a morning news conference in Seattle where he was joined by Gov. Jay Inslee, Ferguson called President Donald Trump's decision arbitrary and capricious.

"This is tied to issues of law". The Obama-era program granted two-year work permits to people that illegally came to the U.S.as kids. He said he fears information the Dreamers provided the government to participate in the program could be used against them.

Commenting on the news that Trump had rescinded DACA, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who also signed the open letter, said: "This is a sad day for our country". "Rescinding DACA while that debate occurs is unlawful".

"Removing those with DACA status will particularly create care shortages for rural and other underserved areas", Madara wrote. They also include a section in the suit outlining President Trump's incendiary remarks about Mexicans.

Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks are getting in on the legal fight to preserve DACA. "The only thing I've put my faith in is the rule of law, and that is the prism through which I've reviewed his DACA directive".

The three companies have submitted formal declarations of support for a lawsuit filed Wednesday by 16 state attorneys general. It was voted down almost unanimously in committee.

Stephen Colbert addressed the "man-made disaster unfolding in Washington right now", hilariously recapping Tuesday's events. "That's the way he started his campaign".

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