Ragnarok headed for thunderous opening weekend — Thor

Claudine Rigal
Octobre 14, 2017

Looks like yes, this will be the funniest Marvel film yet.

Want more stories like this? On another note: Hemsworth is pulling off that amazing green velvet jacket and I need to know where I can get a cheap knock-off version immediately? His neurotransmitters and neuropathways have been completely re-wired.

But the real treasure here is Jeff Goldblum, who reads every answer as if it was pure poetry, often getting sidetracked to explain every little piece of the sentence. And definitely no hammer.

As part of its alliance with Marvel Entertainment, Comicave Studios which specialises in conceptualising, designing, and manufacturing of high-end collectibles and mass market toys, will showcase its new range of collectibles at the red carpet premiere based on characters of latest Thor film with focus on lead characters Thor and Hulk.

"Hulk can be sad or happy". It's a different Banner and a different Hulk.

Marvel Studios teased Thor's new weapon in the first "Infinity War" concept art featuring him and Rocket Raccoon. Well, you could be honest and say it's the name of the Norse version of the apocalypse - but that's too boring.

"There is something pretty exciting coming, "Hemsworth said".

Although he may be the Incredible Hulk or the perfect replacement for a reboot of Columbo, one thing Mark Ruffalo cannot be given credit for is his handling of live social media streaming. Rather than just being capable of a nod or a grunt, he now has an opportunity to fully converse with people, developing a personality as he performs these interactions.

Thompson also namechecked the Lady Liberators as a precedent from the comics, to which Feige exclaimed, "Deep cut!"

Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky attended the world premiere of Thor: Ragnarok this week.

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