Iran protests: Russia criticises UN talks called by US

Claudine Rigal
Janvier 13, 2018

Those brave protesters looked to the leader of the free world for support. The Islamist regime (which in addition to being one of the biggest state funders of terrorism is also one of the worst human rights abusers in the world) seemed on the verge of collapse.

They broke out in one Iranian city in late December against the state of the economy and quickly spread to dozens of cities, with slogans chanted against the government and ruling clerics.

"We obviously regret the loss of life as the result of demonstrations that weren't so peaceful", Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the council. Only British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft openly defended the move.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley requested an emergency meeting on Iran at the Security Council.

Ms Haley said that her country stood 'unapologetically with those in Iran who seek freedom for themselves, prosperity for their families and dignity for their nation'.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticised the UN Security Council's emergency meeting on Iran's recent unrests and termed it a "foreign policy blunder" for Washington, Tasnim news agency reported on Saturday.

"The UNSC rebuffed the naked [American] attempt to hijack its mandate".

It's unclear what the U.S. hoped to accomplish by calling the meeting.

THE FACTS: While the 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover and hostage crisis colors Americans' thoughts on Iran, perhaps no event more affects Iranian beliefs about the U.S. than the 1953 coup.

The protesters are also telling Rouhani's "reformers", in power now for five years, that they, too, have failed.

In 2009, the uprising of millions in Tehran was driven by middle-class rage over an election stolen by the populist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

State TV showed footage of pro-government rallies on January 5 in cities, including Tabriz and Kerman, marking the third day of such demonstrations.

Tehran University Vice President Majid Sarsangi said the university had set up a committee to track the fate of students arrested during the unrest. He said that when the country blocked social media "the riots stopped".

Following repeated claims by multiple Islamic Republic authorities that recent protests have been organized or instigated by foreigners; sixteen prominent reformist figures in Iran have issued a statement rejecting the claim.

"Have no mercy on Americans", he said. The demonstrations were triggered by a rise in food prices and soaring unemployment.

She also said the international community should do more to support the anti-government demonstrators. Instead, he sent the decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran to Congress. The deadline passed without action.

The resistance in Iran doesn't face impossible odds. "I think the seeds for protest will remain unless the Iranian leaders change their course and allow the people basic human rights and basic economic freedoms".

"It is right and proper - indeed, our assess whether a situation like this could become a threat to international peace and security", British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said before the meeting.

United States President Donald Trump has come out in support of the protestors.

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