Why the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals

Solenn Plantier
Mai 31, 2017

Lue would prefer less attention, but.

The Boston Celtics remain alive in their futile attempt to unseat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

David Blatt's season and a half in Cleveland wasn't totally fair, but head coaching jobs often aren't.

But don't tell that to Kevin Love, who doesn't see the Cavs that way.

A punch to the groin will keep the Golden State Warriors from completing the greatest three-year run in National Basketball Association history next month. A student of the game, he's old school with a fresh perspective.

Mike Brown, who has been coaching the Warriors in Kerr's absence, did not address the media on Monday because he is out with the flu. His players credit Lue's soothing, steady influence - on and off the floor - as almost as vital to their success as a clutch Kyrie Irving 3-pointer. However, things always happen for a reason.

"I feel good about our chances", LeBron James said this week. In fact, at most, I'll just wear a rally cap, and that is just rarity. The games will also be streamed on ESPN. That's why I'm here talking to you now. We all have to play well.

Is this the biggest challenge of his career? Currently, Golden Sate is 12-0 in the playoffs - the first team ever to reach the Finals undefeated - and are winning games by an average margin of 16.3 points per game, the best mark in National Basketball Association history.

The Warriors have the highest-scoring offense in the playoffs with 118.3 points per game and the Cavs have the second-highest scoring offense with 116.8 points game. On the other hand, the University of Alabama's football team is.

Love wasn't referring to anyone specifically, although there was much to draw from in last year's NBA Finals.

"It is awkward, it is weird, but we're doing OK", Kerr said. They do a lot of splitting.

"Those guys are going to challenge me, they are going to challenge our ball club", said James, who last week surpassed Michael Jordan as the all-time playoff leading scorer. "It makes it tough. But all you can do is play your defense, stick to your principles and just make it as tough as possible".

Lue knows the Cavs are facing a hard task, one made tougher with the addition of the versatile Durant, who can score down low, from the perimeter and free-throw line. Ever since they pulled off that impossible 3-1 comeback in last year's Finals, LeBron's confidence has been on another level.

"Curry (is) the two-time MVP", Lue added. The Cavs All-Star guard made his now famous go-ahead, step-back 3-pointer.

The driver said, if the Warriors win, he'll contain his excitement until he drops the Cavs off at the airport. "And if you're a coach able to just stay even-keeled throughout the whole thing, it relaxes the rest of the group".

"I only play blackjack in Vegas anyway, so it doesn't matter", he said. Plus, Draymond Green, 27, has been on fire and has been on his best behavior. "I think he said it earlier this season though, right?"

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