Atari Returns to the Home Console Market with The Ataribox

Alain Brian
Juillet 18, 2017

We've waited 20 years for this, it better be good.

. Recently Atari has shared an email showcasing details about the new Ataribox, its design and a look on the console through some images. The Ataribox will have two different versions, one that has a wood panel front and another that will feature glass with the rest of the body being black and red plastic.

Aside from the look of the thing Atari haven't made any other announcements about what exactly they're making. The console will also feature HDMI, 4x USB ports, and an SD card slot.

So, Atari is back in the hardware business.

Atari appears poised to re-enter the video game console marketplace, but questions remain as to whether the newly-teased Ataribox will emphasize next-gen performance or old-school nostalgia.

Unfortunately, there are no further details on pricing or availability, but we do know that the Ataribox can be had in the classic black/wood finish or in a more modern black/red color scheme.

Most gamers are aware of the Nintendo micro consoles, the NES Classic Edition from previous year and the upcoming SNES Classic Edition. One console comes with a wood front and back - an homage to the original 1977 Atari console - with white lighting on the front.

The new system will come in two designs: a sleek wooden model or a black and red version. But there's no detail on what we will find inside the case and not even Atari seems to know just yet.

As you can guess, those ports suggest modern internal specs.

"We've been blown away by the feedback since the teaser release, and today, we're excited to share an exclusive first look at the Ataribox design with you", the company said in a post.

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