Debate Over Texas Bathroom Bill Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 18, 2017

Opponents argue the measure not only discriminates against LGBT Texans but it would cost the state's economy billions of dollars. He and other supporters say a ban helps protect women and girls in public restrooms from predators.

Texas, the most powerful Republican-controlled state, could lose about $5.6 billion through 2026 and businesses could find it hard to recruit top talent if such a measure is enacted, according to the state's leading employer organization. Now, as the Daily Beast notes, the controversial Texas bathroom bill may end up playing an outsize role in the 2018 GOP primary campaigns.

Transgender "bathroom bills" have fizzled in deep-red states across America, but the issue is still white hot in Texas.

The legislation restricts access to places like bathrooms and locker rooms based on the gender listed on people's birth certificates and not the gender with which they identify.

The Bathroom Bill Battle has resumed in Texas.

North Carolina enacted HB2 in a single day, before having to repeal it months later. However, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick rejected the compromise as inadequate.

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