Meeting with a Russian is not a crime

Alain Brian
Juillet 18, 2017

While maintaining its original defense, that the President himself did not know about the meeting, the Trump administration and the President's team of outside lawyers have offered up a slew of additional and at times conflicting rationalizations for it. "That's politics!" Trump tweeted earlier Monday.

Veselnitskaya has ties to Fusion GPS, which has stated it had no knowledge of her meeting with Trump Jr.

This morning, President Trump tweeted "Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent".

The emails showed Trump family friend Rob Goldstone acting as an intermediary to arrange a meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian government attorney who supposedly had compromising information about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. would not have fallen into those categories at that time. As far as other meetings go, look, the president has said that he was not aware of it, wasn't involved in it.

Moscow has denied any interference and the president and Trump Jr. have denied any collusion.

The debate question involving Clinton only came to light because of the hacking of computer files at the Democratic National Committee in Washington, which the US intelligence community has concluded was personally directed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an effort to help Trump.

Spokespeople from the Trump campaign, the White House and Futerfas' office did not immediately return the Daily News' requests for an explanation of the payment.

Many right-wing pundits have defended the president's son's contact with Russians as opposition research, a term that describes a campaign's digging up dirt on its opponents.

Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on one of the panels investigating the matter, the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN: "The level of credibility from the senior level of this administration really is suspect".

He also suggested that as the Secret Service allowed the meeting to take place it was not "nefarious".

"Whether we'll be able to get the Russian nationals to come over and testify is an open question", he said.

While on ABC News' This Week, when asked if the President would pardon "key figures" in the Russian Federation investigation, Sekulow said he hasn't discussed the issue with Trump, and that if he had, it would be protected under attorney-client privilege. "So again, I raise that question, by the way, with former director Comey because that's the basis upon which all that started".

The e-mails are seen as potential evidence that Trump's campaign might have been willing to accept Russian help to win the election and are now a major focus of investigations in Congress.

Trump has been dismissive of numerous investigations into Russian meddling in the election, calling them a "witch hunt" and an excuse by Democrats to explain Clinton's upset loss.

On Face the Nation, Sekulow said that the president "knows of no other meetings" between his campaign staff and Russians, the Hill reports.

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