National Assembly Violates Penal Code Says Venezuelan Supreme Court

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 22, 2017

According to prosecutors, three people died Thursday, raising the death toll in the ongoing wave of anti-government demonstrations to 100 since April.

Two people were killed in clashes Thursday in Venezuela during a nationwide strike against President Nicolas Maduro's plans to re-write the country's constitution. Analysts say such proposals raise the possibility of a parallel state structure. Mendoza said that the right-wing majority National Assembly, in disobedience since last December, commits also crimes against the independence and security of the nation, betraying the Homeland and the states included in the articles 128 and 143 of the Penal Code.

"They're pirate magistrates named on the fly", said opposition legislator Juan Requesens in a video streamed live on the Periscope service, which the opposition often uses given limited coverage of their activities on local television channels.

The escalating unrest comes as the country is preparing for elections on July 30, to choose representatives to the National Constituent Assembly called by Maduro in an effort to ease political tensions and bring about peace. More than 300 hundred people were reportedly arrested.

Colombia, France, Spain, the U.S. and the European Union have urged the Venezuelan government to cancel the vote for a new constituent assembly on 30 July.

Maduro faces widespread pressure from overseas to abort the assembly, including from US President Donald Trump who said on Monday he would take "strong and swift economic actions" if the Venezuelan leader went ahead with his plans.

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