Petya cyber attack: Alleged hackers demand $256000 in ransom to decrypt files

Alain Brian
Juillet 6, 2017

Petya ransomware cyber attack took place on June 28.

Nearly a week after Petya ransomware hit major enterprises and nations across the world; alleged hackers behind the cyber attack took to DeepPaste and Pastebin to demand around 100 bitcoins ($256,000 approx) in exchange for the private encryption key.

According to Forbes, the hackers also provided proof that they were indeed behind the attack by providing a signature for Petya's private key. "The authors of the announcement asked for 100 bitcoin (roughly $256,000 at the time of writing) in exchange for the private key that supposedly decrypts any file encrypted with the NotPetya ransomware", it added.

Since the Bitcoin account that was accepting payments had only accrued over $10,000 in ransom payments before the email ID was shut down, this has led researchers to believe that the real motive behind the attack was not money but damaging Ukraine. Two small donations to PasteBin and DeepPaste were made as well, before the entire amount was transferred to a different wallet. Ukraine, the United States and Russian Federation were among the worst hit by Petya.

The demand was a significant increase on the ransomware's initial request for just less than $400 in Bitcoin when the malware was launched in the Ukraine last Tuesday before rapidly spreading through computer networks worldwide.

Mr FitzGerald advised victims not to pay any ransom as there was very little chance they would be able to unlock their files.

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